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Gone With The Weeds

It has been two weeks since we moved into the new house and after being crazy busy with moving, cleaning, unpacking, house guests, and four straight days of rain, I was finally able to get down to the garden and start pulling some weeds.  I would like to thank my Grandmother, my Mother-in-Law, my Husband, and my Kids for their help as well.  It was a big job!  Without further ado, my nice clean garden:

garden no weeds 555

We even discovered three happy and healthy strawberry plants underneath all the weeds!


Speaking of things we discovered, I lifted up a large rock and found these two cute little baby snakes.  They are called  Sharp-Tailed Snakes and they eat slugs and other bugs so they are welcome to stay as long as they like.


Today, I’m going to try to get my seeds planted.  So exciting!

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