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New Update to Snapseed

Posted on Dec 6, 2012 in Photography | Comments Off

Today, Google released the first update to Snapseed since acquiring Nik Software. Like many people I was very worried about what Google...

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Mantis Metamorphosis

Posted on Sep 2, 2011 in Photography | 2 comments

Yesterday, on my facebook page, I posted an image of a little praying mantis that I found in my backyard and I thought you might like to...

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A Boy and His Castle

Posted on Aug 22, 2011 in Photography | Comments Off

My son rarely asks to have his picture taken, so when he called down the stairs, “Mommy, come see what I made and bring your...

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What Is Old Is New Again

Posted on Dec 22, 2010 in Photography | 4 comments

Hi!  Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post.  I’m sorry for being away for so long but this...

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What Inspires You?

Posted on Jan 8, 2010 in Photography | 1 comment

You never know when creative inspiration is going to hit.  I’ve tried looking for it but I don’t think it’s something...

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Happy New Year!

Posted on Jan 4, 2010 in Photography | 1 comment

I have declared 2010 to be a year of change.  This year I will be leaving my safe spot against the wall and getting out on the dance...

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