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Dream Tree Hill was created in 2011 as a personal blog in which I shared my creative journey with the world. From there, an Etsy shop emerged where I sold sewing patterns and my artwork. This year I took a leap and left Etsy behind to spread my faerie wings and fly solo with my very own shop. I could not be happier!

My dream is to create the kind of shop that I would love to frequent. A shop filled with fun, beautiful, quality products, made in North America by other small, women-owned businesses that want to make the world a better, more creative place.

I’m a digital and mixed-media artist, photographer, jewelry and doll maker living in Northern California’s Sierra Foothills, and I believe that creativity has the power to heal the soul. To create something from nothing is true Magic. Let’s create something beautiful!

Welcome, Friends, to the new Dream Tree Hill! 

~ Amy 🧚‍♀️